RULES AND CONSTITUTION – 1984 (AMENDED 1996, 2000, 2012 & 2016)



Manningtree District Business Chamber.



The objectives of Manningtree District Business Chamber shall be to encourage all sections of trade, industry and commerce within the Manningtree district, to work together to protect the interests of members, to expand business & generally increase the prosperity of the area where thought desirable by whatever means possible. 



3.1 Membership shall be open to all trading, industrial, professional and commercial organisations operating within the district of Manningtree, and any other organisations the committee considers suitable.

3.2 Any member retiring from business after being a member of the Business Chamber for at least ten years will be granted ‘life’ membership at no subscription cost and continue to enjoy the same facilities as any other paid-­‐up member.

3.3 Honorary membership may be given to other organisations at the discretion of the committee at no cost but have no voting rights.



All applications for membership of the Chamber conforming to section 3 shall be subject to the approval of the executive committee, & will be considered at the next committee meeting following the application. The candidate shall be elected by a simple majority vote.



5.1 The annual subscriptions shall be £35 or other such sum as the committee may decide, & and is payable on the first day of October in every year. Non-­‐payment of the annual subscription by the member may cancel membership.

5.2 No member shall be entitled to vote at any general meeting unless all monies presently owed by them to the Chamber have been paid.

5.3 The committee shall reserve the right to terminate membership.

5.4 Every member on election shall receive a copy of the rules.

5.5 New members joining part way through the year shall pay on a pro rata basis for the remaining months of that financial year. 



6.1 An annual meeting shall be held before the end of October each year at which officers & executive committee shall be elected. 

6.2 The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Auditor & Legal Advisor who shall be elected annually. 

6.3 The executive committee shall consist of the officers & a minimum of six & a maximum of nine members who shall be elected annually. 

6.4 Nominations to be proposed & seconded at the annual general meeting & any other items for the Agenda should be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the annual general meeting.



7.1 The committee shall administer the affairs of the Chamber until the next annual general meeting to be held before 31 October each year. 

7.2 The committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancy occurring in their members during any year, but any person so appointed shall retire at the next annual general meeting. The committee shall also have power to co-­‐opt additional advisers with such powers as the committee shall deem wise & for the proper administration of the Chamber. 

7.3 The quorum of a committee meeting shall not be less than six persons.

7.4 The committee shall have power to appoint their own meetings & to regulate their own proceedings & fix the date of general meetings of the Chamber giving 14 days clear notice. 

7.5 Should any member of the committee fail to attend 50% of the total committee meetings (to which he is summoned) held in any one year, or should any member of the committee leave the district permanently during the term of office, his seat may be declared vacant at the discretion of the committee. 

7.6 The committee shall have the power to request retirement of a committee member who has failed to attend 3 consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse. 

7.7 The management of the Chamber shall be vested in the executive committee to be elected by the members of the Chamber in a general meeting. 



Firms or companies elected to membership of the Chamber shall be entitled to the same privileges as individuals who are members & shall be entitled to be represented by one of the partners or 

management at any general meeting of the Chamber. The aforesaid representatives shall be entitled to one vote. 



A special general meeting may be called, upon the requisition of three members in writing to the Secretary, giving reason for which the meeting is to be called, or by the executive committee. The Secretary shall immediately give not less than seven days notice in writing to the members of the intention to hold a special general meeting. 



No members of the executive committee or officers of the Chamber shall be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other member or officer. 



The income & property of the Chamber shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Chamber. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be paid at a rate of £10ph.



12.1 An audited statement of the Chamber shall be issued to the Chamber at the annual general meeting. 

12.2 Cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary. 

12.3 The committee may themselves only authorise expenditure up to £500 per worthwhile project without previously obtaining approval at a general meeting. 



The rules & constitution shall apply to all members of the Manningtree District Business Chamber. Any member may propose an amendment & such amendment may be effected at an annual general meeting by a majority vote. Proposed amendments must be handed in writing to the Secretary for consideration by the committee not less than twenty one days before an annual general meeting. 



Should any matters arise not provided for in these Rules or any doubts remain as to their interpretation, the same shall be determined by the committee after it has previously been discussed at a general meeting.


Founded in 1967 as Manningtree and District Chamber of Trade